Production Facilities


Signature International Foods has the most sophisticated flatbread production facility in Asia. The uniqueness of our products can be largely attributed to our production lines. By developing our own bespoke production plant in-house, only Signature International Foods can provide the unique quality and authenticity that sets our flatbreads apart from the rest of the market.

BRC Accreditation

Signature Foods is accredited with a “Grade AA” status by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) recognising that the production facility is run to the highest standards achievable. All aspects of our operation are regularly audited to ensure the highest quality standards are being maintained. The use of highly automated lines ensures that we provide our customers with high quality products at great value.

We have the highest international accreditations for food safety. We source high quality raw materials from suppliers based around the world and we have full traceability on the ingredients we use. Our state-of-the-art factory is a Vegetarian and Nut Free site.

Naan flame baked in oven

Packaging Capabilities

We have the latest packaging equipment at our disposal and the necessary know-how and experience to formulate and create high quality products with the desired shelf-life attributes. Our products are available in an ambient, chilled and frozen format. We developed what we call a “clean room”, which provides a contamination-free environment for cooling and packing fresh breads in order to ensure optimum product quality and extended shelf-life. Our products are optically inspected and in most part untouched by the human hand during the baking process.

We have the capability to freeze each individual packet in-line on a spiral freezer running at -35°C within one hour after baking in a process known as IQF. This maintains the quality of our products by capturing all of the flavour, freshness, and textural attributes because the products are frozen immediately after baking.



The flexibility offered by our modern facility means that we can make any style or flavour of bread exactly to our customer’s requirements. Our high-volume production capacity allows us to produce all types of flatbreads efficiently, without compromising on the market-leading quality. We insist on retaining as much of the traditional elements of our breads as possible and this applies to every single product within our range.